Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Vietnam Teardrop Peace Pendant

I have just made some replica Vietnam War era pendants, the first one is this Teardrop Peace sign.
They are exactly like the one's made for GI's and sold in the street markets of Saigon during the war, except they are made of jewellery grade Pewter/Silver and have a thicker hanging loop.
They are available for £20.00 each inc postage in the UK.
Other designs will be posted soon.


  1. dig
    what does the 'missing' chunk signify?
    I guess you already read this?

  2. Hadn't read that, but an interesting article, thanks Ben.
    Been trying to find out the significance of the 'missing' chunk. In pictures I have, it can be on either the left or the right. Maybe that has some meaning as well?
    Thought maybe as a can opener, but probably not strong enough.
    If anyone knows, I would love to find out.

  3. For use as a 'roach-clip'...? bottle-opener?

  4. Roach clip definately!
    Maybe extracting a jammed round?

  5. Hi still making these - teardrop peace pendants? I live in NJ, USA. How long to ship and do you have in bronze?