Thursday, 3 November 2011

Sid Vicious Action Man Figure

 This is the 1/6 scale Sid Vicious figure by S.I.D. Ltd, but with the "Destroy" T-shirt which was a limited edition accessory, and holding the one-off Fender Precision Bass guitar I made for promo pics. It was possibly going to be another accessory, but didn't happen.
 These are the 1/6 scale Seditionaries T-shirts which did happen, albeit in very limited numbers as accessories.
 These are the slightly more dubious accessories I made- including the "My Way" tuxedo and pistol set- which also never happened.
These are all one-offs of other t-shirt designs, just for my own collection.
All these I made in 1999, and have just found them again in my loft.

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